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Restaurangen öppnar åter lördag 6 juli, sedan öppet torsdag och lördag vanlig meny, fredagar avsmakningsmeny fram till 17 august. Går bra att boka bord redan nu på 0702744188 "gärna sms"


Using the farm's own raw ingredients

Hunting, fishing and agriculture are part of our everyday life

Lamb, moose, reindeer, char, trout, grouse, berries and mushrooms are on the menu. Unique raw ingredients that are sourced from the farm or our immediate surroundings. The kitchen, always the heart of any farm is where the ingredients are transformed into exclusive menus. The restaurant allows you and your friends to enjoy food and drink overlooking a peaceful and harmonious panoramic views. Book well in advance and we promise you the very best. We open on Saturday 11 July.
Facts about the raw ingredients in 2020

Facts about the raw materials in 2020

  • Lamb - 30 lambs that we transported ourselves to Burträsk

  • Moose - shot 2 km from the farm by his son Tom

  • Meat products - made from the farm's meat at Gårdscharken

  • Ptarmigan - Tomas snares the grouse during winter, as well as buying
    them locally

  • Char / trout - we fish all year round in Lake Virisen

  • Clean - we buy from Anders Skum Fjällvilt, Ammarnäs

  • Almond potatoes - we buy from Erik Jonsson, Långträsk

  • We pick and harvest berries, yellow chanterelle mushrooms and
    rhubarb when in season

  • Colostrum - we buy from Tomas Fredriksson in Blaiken

  • Organic wines - we buy from Principium

  • Other goods - we buy from Menigo 


Feel free to book via sms on +46702744188


Company - birthday - party

Here at Virisen, the quiet and beautiful mountain surroundings will
ensure your party will be undisturbed and private resulting in an
unforgettable and unique memory. The visit includes not only good food, but also sauna, jacuzzi, live music and outdoor activities. If you and your party need to sleep over, there are 18 beds in our four log cabins.


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