Here you live 150 m from Lake Virisen which houses fine stocks of both char and trout. At the lake shore is also the boat park with associated boathouse. In summer there is boat fishing

longline / wobbler which is popular, or fishing with a throwing rod in one of the ponds on the other side. Here is also Granån, a quota fly fishing stretch of 2 km. Fishing licenses are applied for at the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten County . Here you will also find other information about fishing on state waters in Västerbotten County. In winter, it is of course pimple after char that applies. Virisen is Västerbotten County's largest unregulated mountain lake, in it and surrounding small lakes there is a natural stock of trout and char.


When the char is on the chopping block and everything is right

-the sun shines

the sausage grilled

- the coffee boils

What could be better on a spring-winter day!


On Virisen and surrounding ponds, there is only char and trout, best fished with a fishing rod, glitter and maggot.

You can go down on the lake about 200 m or take the skis, if you want to get a little further away to try your luck, scooters are preferable.

Season January - May

Scooters are available for rent

Pimpelspö is available to borrow

Farm shop with fishing equipment

You buy Maggot with you





In summer we have 10 boats with 4-stroke engines. 3 boats are larger wooden boats, the others are 4.5 m plastic boats. All boats are safe and well suited for fishing on the lake. Life jackets are available for each boat.


In our farm shop there are sports, fishing and outdoor equipment and supplies. By the lake we have a boathouse where each cottage has its own lockable locker. Barbecue area and a wood-fired sauna are also available by the lake.


The boat you rent is fully refueled and ready, you refuel yourself when you need it from the can in the cupboard that belongs to your cabin. Tool kit included with all engines, notify us in case of damage to boat or engine. Boat propellers are reimbursed with SEK 800 other damages according to agreement.

Pull up the boats really. In windy weather, you should be extra careful even so that the boats do not rub against each other. Fish reindeer are buried on the bog to avoid diseases that can be spread via seagulls, a shovel is available at the reindeer table. We leave no rubbish in nature. Clean the boat well on departure.


Start the engine

  • The engine should be in neutral, the gear lever is on the left side of the engine.

  • Open the air screw.

  • Pull out the choke.

  • Pump 4-5 times on the black bubble on the fuel hose.

  • Pull the starter cord, not too hard - when the engine starts, close the choke.

  • Let the engine idle for a while, do not use the choke as the engine is hot as it will become acidic.

  • Remember to unwind the engine during the day to avoid acidification.


Common faults when the engine does not start.

  1. Emergency stop out?

  2. The petrol hose in a pinch?

  3. Forgot to open the air screw? or that the engine has become acidic.

  4. If the engine has become really acidic, you have to change the spark plug, the tool kit is under the cover

For rent or if you have questions

call + 4670-27 44 188 or

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-Quoted water 2 km long flowing stretch with alternating harness and calm pools

Granån is located in a very beautiful mountain environment about 10 km from buildings.

The distance is quoted with 75 days divided between July and August. Maximum two fish / day, window outlet 30-40 cm.

We have 25 days, other days are applied for at the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten County.

Fly fishing package Granån

  • Fishing license 3 days

  • Boat with motor, refueled and ready or transport

  • A sack of dry wood

  • Information about the fishing route

  • Shower on the way home


Price: SEK 1800 / person for at least 3 people



In Virisen, where the road ends, there is everything! Here you will find peace and harmony. Enjoy the expanses over the lake and mountains, fish your char or enjoy the mountain delicacies in our restaurant. And best of all, our cold spring water from our own spring, dug by hand 700 m up  Giebnafjället.

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