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January 22-23, 2021

Come to us and try real food crafts with milk as the main raw material, this super product that gives us so much good. As a child, my grandmother Stina was the idol. There were the host's finest mountain cows, my favorite was Rosa Linda

I have learned from her the knowledge of how to churn butter, make cremè fraiche, long fillet, cream cheese, sweet cheese and a few other goodies. Now I want to convey that knowledge to more people.

Start on Friday at 17.00 and we end on Saturday at 18.00

The price includes

Bed and breakfast


Try making butter, cream cheese, veal dancing etc.

Dinner Saturday night

(it is possible to book accommodation an extra night for SEK 200, no breakfast)

Price: SEK 2,295 / person

Smör gjord i form

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